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We provide Concierge-Based Scoliosis-Specific Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment.  Instead of the patient coming to a clinic, we bring the clinic to the patient's home.  This is to facilitate optimal integration of a patient's program and improved with the home exercise program.  We see patients in and around the Las Vegas area, Centennial Hills, The Lakes, Spring Valley, Paradise, Enterprise, Summerlin, Henderson, and Boulder City.
We are a cash-based practice and considered out-of-network for all insurance providers.  Patients pay us directly for services received, submit a reimbursement claims to their insurance, then, the insurance pays them directly.  Reimbursements may vary depending on your co-pay, annual deductible, and physical therapy coverage/allowance.  We cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement approval as all insurance plans vary greatly.

How to start

We may need a CD copy or a copy of a patient's X-rays.  If you are planning to submit for insurance reimbursement, we may also need a prescription from your referring physician.


Duration of the initial evaluation and therapy

The initial evaluation takes approximately 60-90 minutes.  It is divided into 45 to 60-minutes of in-depth health history and physical examination; and 15-30 minutes of X-ray measurements done separately.

Each treatment is 45 to 60-minutes.  The visits will focus on exercises and spine-specific activities with the last 5 to 10-minutes focusing on home exercise program reviews, clarifying questions, and summarizing the session.


Duration of the posture-specific physical therapy program

The patients are recommended to continue exercises at home until they are done growing or until their surgery.  Some spine doctors may recommend physical therapy after surgery.  Typically, patients take 15-20 visits to master their initial set of exercises and 3-5 visits subsequently.


In this regard, patients have the option to do a regular program with sessions ranging from 1 to 3 visits a week or an intensive program with 5 visits a week.


Terms of payment

Scoliosis Basics, LLC is a fee-for-service practice and is considered as an out-of-network for all third-party insurance providers.  Patients will be responsible to submit all and necessary documents needed for insurance reimbursement.   We cannot guarantee insurance reimbursement approval as all plans vary greatly.


Families who are financially limited, please reach out to discuss a payment plan that may work for you.


Ultimately, our goal is to make these spine-specific physical therapy services available to anyone who needs it, may benefit from it, or would like to try


Phone #

+1 (908) 224 4252

Fax #

+1 (833) 696 0789



Clinic hours may vary. 

Please call us to book your appointment.

Scoliosis (Rigo Concept, Schroth Method, SEAS) Physical Therapy


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